Monday April 19, 2021

Power Factor Correction Experts Since 1992.

Power Factor Services Ltd. Don McQueen - Power Factor Correction Expert, Master Electrician, CMVP

Don McQueen is President and Founder of Power Factor Services Ltd. & one of Ontario’s leading power factor correction experts.

Don McQueen

President & Founder, CMVP

The Early Years

With over 35 years of experience in the electrical industry, Don McQueen is among Ontario’s top power factor correction experts. Upon graduating from Mohawk College in 1975 as a Master Electrician, Don worked his way through the electrical industry, starting his career as a journeyman. From this position, he quickly progressed through to foreman, supervision and eventually management at some of Ontario’s leading electrical companies. It was in 1988 when Don first became involved in power factor correction and power quality monitoring. Four years later, Don formed McQueen & Associates, which provided a range of power factor correction, load monitoring and harmonic analysis and commissioning services.  Recognizing the demand for power factor correction and power quality monitoring, Don took on a partner in 1995 and incorporated a second company, Current Thinking Inc., specializing in:

  • SiteCheck™ power quality analytical services
  • ELF and magnetic field inspections
  • Grounding and Bonding Inspection and Recommendation Services
  • Training in power quality, grounding, harmonics and power factor
  • Power Quality Resource Center on the website
  • Power Quality and Power Metering Systems Integration
  • Power Factor Correction Systems Sales and Service

The Birth of Power Factor Services Ltd.

In 2001, Don founded Power Factor Services Ltd., which focuses entirely on power factor correction, power quality monitoring, harmonic load studies and power quality investigation. Through Power Factor Services Ltd., Don has worked with many of Ontario’s largest electric utility providers, engineering companies, contractors and private companies, which make up Power Factor Services Ltd.’s diverse client base. A leading expert in power factor correction, Don has presented numerous speeches on power factor correction and power quality monitoring and regularly holds speaking events with corporate customers and electrical utilities on the subject. Don continues to provide power factor correction services and power quality monitoring through Power Factor Services Ltd., helping the company’s clients reduce their electrical utility costs and maximize the efficiency of their power systems.