Monday February 6, 2023

Load Monitoring

Load Monitoring

Electrical Load Monitoring

Collect power quality and harmonics data on your company’s power system. Power Factor Services’ load monitoring services ensure that your company’s power system is meeting the electrical demands of the electrical equipment & components feeding off of your power system.

Why Load Monitoring?

Over time, changes in loads on your power system can result in the gradual degradation of electrical and electronic components. Adding new pieces of equipment, increasing output or component changes can all have an effect on the load demands of your power system. Unmonitored, these changes can cause the gradual degradation of the electrical and electronic components on your power system, which can result in damage to equipment running on your power system and even the power system itself.

Benefits of Load Monitoring

Benefits of load monitoring include:

  • Lower cost mitigating improvements
  • Better voltage quality as indicated over time
  • Enhanced verification of System Protection Performance
  • Enhanced On-line Predictive Maintenance
  • Immediate verification of power system changes & solutions
  • Enhanced system reliability & power quality history

Real-Time Load Monitoring

Our active load monitoring services collect power quality and harmonics data on your power system in real-time, alerting stakeholders of any spikes or additional strains on the power system. Once an alert is triggered, Power Factor Services and any designated stakeholders, such as a plant manager, are automatically alerted of the disturbance via email and provided with a detailed synopsis of the alert.

Using this data, Power Factor Services can isolate the source of the disturbance and implement the appropriate solution to mitigate the problem. If the source of the disturbance cannot be determined through conventional load monitoring, we also provide investigative load monitoring which can pinpoint the exact causes of disturbances in your power system

Talk To Us About Load Monitoring

The longer your power system is going unmonitored, the greater the potential exists for it to be subjected to degradation associated with higher harmonics. Get in contact with us to discuss our load monitoring services and how they can meet your power system’s needs.