Monday February 6, 2023

Capacitor Repair

Capacitor Repair

Capacitor & Capacitor Bank Repair

Your company’s power system may be experiencing a low power factor or power factor loss due to problems with existing capacitors. Problems with existing capacitors can decrease the efficiency of existing capacitor banks to provide ample power factor correction, decreasing any opportunity for power factor improvement. Capacitor problems can be caused by a variety of factors, especially when the capacitors in question are nearing the end of their operating life due to voltage transient and high harmonic conditions.

Rather than spend thousands of dollars to replace an entire capacitor bank, Power Factor Services can repair individual capacitors within your capacitor bank, improving your power system’s power factor.

Outdated Capacitor Banks? No Problem.

Worried about replacing a capacitor bank that’s no longer manufactured? No problem; Power Factor Services has got you covered. Rather than overhaul an entire capacitor bank because a replacement capacitor is no longer manufactured or available, Power Factor Services can repair the existing capacitor bank, improving your power system’s power factor and reducing the need for costly retrofits. We can provide capacitor repair for the following capacitor brands:

  • Power Survey
  • Commonwealth Sprague
  • Freeborn
  • ABB
  • Aerovox
  • And many others

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